For a child to generalize the skills they are learning across environments, people, and situations, we must collaborate with parents and families and bring students into the community regularly.

School Placement/NPA Services

Emerald Learning offers educational placement for students requiring intensive behavioral and emotional support, as well as those who display complex learning needs. Using trauma-informed care, our team of special educators crafts an environment which meets the student in their current learning needs, providing 1-on-1 support to all students. Dignity and safety lead the way throughout every day our students attend with us.

In-School Behavioral Support

In some circumstances, students are best served in their home school with specialized behavioral support. Emerald Learning consults with many local school districts, providing our own staff to directly support each student’s IEP goals while keeping them in their home school, if possible.

Home/Community Behavioral Support

Emerald Learning offers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy services individualized to meet each client’s unique needs. Emerald Learning currently serves clients in the home and community settings in the South King County and North Pierce County area. We also offer comprehensive family trainings.