Family & Community

For a child to generalize the skills they are learning across environments, people, and situations, we must collaborate with parents and families and bring students into the community regularly.

Our school has an open-door policy and parents may always schedule an observation of their child’s classroom. We send home monthly data reports to families showing the progress made towards a student’s goals; this transparency keeps parents in the loop and helps to organize and focus our staff on the big picture.

We provide parent training, monthly educational workshops, and conduct home visits to help identify issues and provide practical advice and support. When home-based ABA services are needed, we make sure that these needs are properly documented to assist with authorization from insurance companies and/or the school district.

What We Do

We look for any opportunity to bring our students into the community. This includes walks in the neighborhood as a choice for breaks, class trips to the playground, reward trips to a favorite store or sweets shop, school field trips, and being safe on the subway and bus. If we are working on a community-based skill, such as tolerating a haircut or a dental cleaning, we will send an ABA Therapist with the child to some initial appointments as a support.